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I am not so much a person to watch many video’s, nor I spend much time in playing games.

But for TED (Wikipedia) I do make exceptions from time to time.

If you don’t know, than you probably have not been enough around on and the rest of the net. Not that I want to define ‘enough time on internet’ though.

The speakers are usually very wise and influential people. They know how to send their message and share their passion.
Sometimes its technical, or psychology. Or like last time I was joining TEXxJakarta, a bit of wisdom around evolution, big bangs and the role that we humans play in this universe.
The subjects can be about very detailed scientific research, or just the newest IT gadget. Or about where and how your brain interacts with ‘you’ as a being.

Those are high-level talks, and your level of understanding English should be average above good. Not all information is directly applicable to  our direct lives. But you get a lot of inspiration from it, and helps starting to believe in old dream again. For me it works like that anyway.

In a way watching those video’s or attend a TED meeting/conference motivates people think out of the box. Look beyond the directly visible, or the obvious. Sometime just looking around the corner gives a total different perspective on live, development and your own goal and dreams in your life.

On TED – YouTube, or on TED’s own website you can find plenty of video’s. And if I am right, all speeches are not longer than 18 minutes. A sharp limit. Seems that is the max time you can stay focussed and still able to absorb as much information as possible.

2 of my favourite video’s until now are: The birth of a word: Deb Roy on and Jason Fried: Why work doesn’t happen at work

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